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SkyConnect Station / Main Terminal / Tampa International Airport, Tampa, FL
25′ high, 25′ wide, 21′ deep
media: pewter; high density foam with hardcoat; stainless steel cable
commissioned by the Hillsborough County Aviation Authority

A streamlined sculpture of an adult leatherback sea turtle floats beneath a cloud of small hatchlings that articulate the same form at a larger scale.

This “double portrait” illustrates biological fact (the multitude of newborns from which a single individual may survive to adulthood) while simultaneously evoking an intergenerational spiritual connection. Nature and Spirit.

Viewed from a distance, the particulate cloud optically consolidates into a coherent likeness of the solid turtle beneath, an allusion to how time and distance lend perspective to our changing environment.

Inspirations for n + 1 include daemon forms found in Greek mythology and the chiwara sculptural tradition of Mali.